Pengaruh Penyalahgunaan Narkoba Terhadap Kesehatan Manusia (Studi Kasus Di Kalimantan Timur)

Prof. Dr. Fl. Sudiran, M.Si


The objective of this research is to know the negative effect
of the misue of drugs to the health.The backgrund of this
research is that there is a serious negative effect of the drugs
including for the young generation such as the students from
primary and secondary schools and the high education as
well. President Joko Widodo had ever said that every year 50
(fifty) thousand persons of Indonesia dead becuase of it. The
method of the it is discriptive-qualitative. The data collection
of the data by library research by taking from the magazine
daily news–paper, reports as well as the electronic media,
spreading the questionair, observation and interview. The
results of the researh are (1).The drugs has been misused by
many people here in East Kalimantan (2). Its spread is so
large that some persons and even the apparatus of the state
have involved in this illegal things, (3). The regulation of the
drugs articles are so weak that there are still many people are
not afraid of to involve the illegal distribution of it. The
suggestions of the researche are (1). The regulation of the
drugs articles have to be harder punishment than nowdays,
(2). The supervision of it has to continue and tight, (3). The
family situation has to be happy.


distribution, drugs, illegal, misuse, regulation

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