Evaluasi Kinerja Keuangan Pada PT Timah Persero Tbk Periode 2013 Sampai 2018

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PT Timah is a producer and exporter of tin, and has an integrated tin mining business segment from mining exploration, processing to marketing.

This researcher uses the calculation of the financial performance of PT Timah (persero) TBk in 2013-2018 in terms of the liquidity aspect ratio, namely the curren ratio and the cash ratio has decreased. Profitability ratio, that is, average return on asset and return on equity has decreased, solvability ratio ie average debt to the equity ratio and long term debt to equity ratio increased.

The results of the financial performance assessment of PT Timah Persero TBK in 2013-2018 with a liquidity ratio using the carren ratio decreased due to trade receivables and cash equivalents decreased compared to higher current debt as well as Still below industry standard (200), cash ratio decreased due to pay obligation still takes time to sell part of other current assets and still under the industry standard (50). The profitability ratio using return on asset decreases due to gross profit, financial income, net income and prior tax profit resulting in decreased profit resulting still below the industry standard 30 and return on The profit equity after the resulting tax is a business income, gross profit, income before tax has decreased and is still under the industry standard 40. The ratio of solvency using debt to equity ratio increased due to the total debt of the company's short-term bank, post-employment benefit liabilities, bonds payable, and above industry standards (80) and long term debt to equity ratio increased because due to the long-term bank debt of bonds debt, post-employment benefits obligations increased and above the industry standard (10).


performance, liquidity, profitability, solvency

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31293/ekm.v8i4.4377


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