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The role of managers in an organization is very important because the
existence of managers becomes a doorstop or becomes one of the
spearheads of success in organizing. One of the tasks or roles of the
majaner is to be able to manage conflicts in the organization he leads so
that each conflict can be resolved properly and no one feels
disadvantaged. The purpose of this research is to find out how the role of
managers in managing employers' organization conflicts.
The role of managers in managing conflicts in an organization is very
important including: (1) Managers as mediators in solving problems; (2)
Managers as consultants to subordinates; (3) Managers as motivators for
their organizations; (4) Managers have an important role in decision
making; (5) A manager is required to be able to master all problems and
can be resolved with deliberation and good thinking before deciding; and
(6) A manager is also expected to be a friend as well as a parent in the
organization so that with such circumstances organizational development
can be created properly and can realize what is the vision and mission of
the organization.

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