Kebudayaan Sebagai Pembimbing Kebijakan Publik (Upacara Adat Perkawinan Suku Kutai di Tenggarong, Kalimantan Timur)

Florentinus Sudiran Ayu Apriana, Dwi Ady Saputra dan Muhammad Renaldi


The aim of this research is to know the tradition of the Kutai etnic group’s
marriage. The location of the research is in East Kalimantan Province from
Sepember to December 2017. The sample is in Tenggarong Regency. The
method of it is qualitative one. The results of the it is as follows : (1) The
Kutai etnic group lives along the river area of Mahakam, (2) They are
actually are Dayak etnic group but fetr they follow the Islam religion and
then they are called Halok or halo etnic group to differenciate from Dayak
etnic group, (3) They are origionally from Tunjung etnic group, one of the
Dayak concerned, (4) They are Melay type whom they came here 3.000 years
go, (5) They have the tradition of mariage ceremony consists of (5.1) The
Bepacar is to redden the nail of the fingers of the couple candidates, (5.2)
Mendi-mendi is to water the couple candidates by flowered water, (5.3)
Bealis is couple candidates to give eyes list, (5.4) Naik pengantin is to make
male marriage candidates to join in the folkgroup ceremony walking from
his home to his candidate parents in law where the female candidate
marriage stays, (5.5) Geta ceremony is to make the couple candidaates to sit
side by side,here the keypersns read the Islamic ceremony called tarsul in
the form of Arabic poems, (5.6) Naik Mentua is to go to the parents of the
male candidate here the couples are watred the feet on the plate, to cut the
peak of coconut leaf. The suggestions of the reasearcher is that this
ceremony has to be maintained as the asset of the Indonesian nation because
(1) In those proceses have many advice to the youngters to apprciate the
parents and the other soft skills advice, (2) This ceremony is the identity of
the etnicgroup of Kutai, (3) To be the tools of the tourism promotion to get
the original regional income to develop the region, (4) The government of
East Kalimantan Province should indeed utilize this process of the mariage
correlated to the public policy in some cases


Ceremony, etnicgroup, income, marriage, maintain, policy

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