Description of Students’ Problem in Learning Toward an Assessment

Sumarni, Akbar Aswin, dan Raudah Mahmud


Alternative assessment as a part of the evaluation is an important part of
the learning cycle and it is believed involving the need either student or
teacher in teaching and learning process. This paper s eeks the
impl ementat ion of s el f as s es sment to obtain students' learning
perceptions and the effectiveness of autonomous learning in an any field
studies. The instruments used for the survey is a self-made questionnaire
based on literature review. At the beginning, questionnaire were delivered to
students in order to get primary students’ reflection of various activities as
they are in any field studies - before seeking information was widely involved
in an interview of 5 students. The results of this study reveal that many
opportunities underlining evaluation come up on surface to classroom
displaying students’ need and this study is also possible as studentsteachers’
reflection what suppose they want to get in learning process. A
further most of students agreed that many approaches appear in some ways
as results of various exercises. As a conclusion we state that self
assessment as a part of alternative assessment can play significant role
by providing wider input into the e f f e c t i v e implementation learning
process in any field study.


students’ problem, assessment Questionnaire, Learner Participation, Learner Autonomy

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