Jamil Bazarah


The aforementioned communication mechanism is in addition to all related
elements, planning, fostering and controlling the implementation of general
administrative and financial operations, conducting and fostering the
cooperation of the elements and making reports on the results of the
implementation of activities.
While the type of research used is descriptive, that is research that is
exploratory, systematically describing or describing the mechanisms of
organizational communication that actually occur from research objects in
the field. For data collection techniques used by interview. from the data
collected, the authors analyze it by means of analysis and qualitative
In connection with the description above, this research was carried out with
the aim to find out how the coordination service as a manifestation of the
implementation of organizational communication mechanisms.
In the implementation of communication there are factors that influence the
success of communication that will be carried out, namely human resources
that drive, direct and do communication; plans that will facilitate the
implementation of communication mechanisms; as well as procedures which
are a series of work procedures to guarantee cooperation between units
within related organizations and agencies.

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