Haryati1 Danna Solihin2 Umi Kulsum3


      The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the optimization of production capacity planning at Sweet Roti Modern in Samarinda and to determine the level of output combinations that must be carried out by Sweet Roti Modern in Samarinda to achieve optimal profits.

       The theoretical basis of this research consists of operational management as the process of achieving the organization through directing activities that use the resources owned to produce inputs into outputs, production capacity as the maximum amount of output that can be produced in a certain time unit, production planning as planning about what product and some which will be produced by the company concerned in the next period, optimization as a result that can be achieved in accordance with the wishes or expectations, data collection techniques are carried out using primary data obtained from interviews with managers from the Sweet Roti Modern company.

     The results of this study can be seen that the results of the analysis of production capacity planning at the Modern Sweet Roti company in Samarinda that the actual product or bread production is already in a condition where the optimal value is superior to the actual value, in this study it has been proven that bread production activities on the eight variables research has not fully used the available resources and in the discussion of this study concluded that the research hypothesis is accepted


Production Capacity Planning, Linear Programming, Lindo

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