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The protection of Labour/worker can be enforced by various laws,
including Law No. 13 of 2003 on Manpower. This law gives great
attention to the protection of labour/worker, in the terms of substance and
scope of regulation, which includes all matters relating to labour at the
pre-employment, during and post employment. Therefore, this paper is
aimed to discuss the protection of labour/worker according to Law No. 13
of 2003 on Manpower in the terms its scope of regulation. The regulated
pre-employment, such as: Manpower Planning and Employment
Information, Job Training, Labour Placement and Expansion of
Employment Opportunities. The regulated during employment, such as:
Employment Relationships (work agreements), Protection, Wages and
Welfare and Industrial Relations. The regulated post employment, such
as: Termination of Employment and the rights them. Although the scope of
the regulation is so, it is still not perfect, considering that the law is not
perfect. Likewise, if examined in theory the scope of the validity of the law
(scope according to time): pre-employment, during and post employment
has met these criteria, but if examined from the side of purpose theory,
character and the nature labor law has not fully fulfilled.

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