Muhammad Riyan Awaludin, Arman Efendi, Mulyadi Mulyadi


Samarinda City is one of the largest cities in East Kalimantan and is the provincial capital with the most populous population in East Kalimantan with a total of 886.806 people in 2020. The issues Samarinda City became the background for designing a horticulture training center building in Samarinda with a tropical architectural approach, including the number of farmers in Samarinda City reaching 15.649 people, consisting of male and female farmers with minimum age of 15 years and a maximum 65 years, production from the horticultural sector, and the climate in the City of Samarinda is classified as a humid tropical climate.

The design problem is how to design the Horticulture Training Center Building in Samarinda so that it can become a place for learning materials and practicum as well as plant sample research with a tropical architertural approach. The purpose of this design is to obtain the design of the Horticulture Training Center Building as a place for study and research on plant samples with a tropical archictectural approach.

The method used is an architectural design method with a tropical architectural approach. The results obtained are, a building structure that is sturdy and strong but also efficient requires a good structural planning by using building regulations correctly and correctly, the basic concept used in the design of Horticulture Training Center Building in Samarinda is a center of training and learning facilities which accommodates several types of farmers, as well as a place for plant research with the theme of Tropical Architecture.


Keywords: Building, Training, Horticulture, Tropical Architecture

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.